Saturday, April 28, 2007

Next Steps

I have faced and overcome five weeks of radiation, lung surgery and thigh surgery. Boy that sounds presumptuousness. Yet, I keep telling myself that. Looking back and what I overcame allows me to keep focused on the future.
Next week, I start chemotherapy. The side effects are pretty rough. I will get sick to my stomach. Mouth sores. Lose my hair. And all kids of other nasty things. Most of all, the thought of poison going through my veins is the most troubling.
I picture this poison chasing the cancer cells. Sort of like cops and robbers. I visualize the poison chasing the cancer cells through my blood stream. I dress the poison in a uniform with a gun and the cancer cells in black with a mask. I hate to admit it but I hope they all get blown away.
I have decided to shave my head. Not Telly Savalas bald but army crewcut. I can't stand the thought of my hair falling out. So I will take a preemptive strike.
Losing my hair will be OK this summer. I won't have to shave.

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