Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Single Sock

Today of all days, Easter, I am laid low and inspired by single sock. A lone piece of clothing and I am almost brought to tears quickly followed by joy.
The surgery left a long incision on the back of my leg with a leg drain. Each of these does not allow me, for the time, to bend over. Pulling on my pants and socks is difficult as you can imagine.
The hospital gave me a wonderful item that helps. My son calls it my picker upper. It is a real help except for the socks. Socks are harder. Too tight and narrow. Doesn't work with the picker upper.
So today in desperation I begged for help. My daughter got down on the floor and pulled on my sock. She smiled up at me and bounced away. I paused and cried.
My pride struggles with this loss of independence. At that moment, I realized that my greatest fault was my pride. This is an opportunity to practice humility. Quietly accepting help.
And being grateful.

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