Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memoiring Again

Last spring I put the final touches on what some publishers would call a memoir.  I am not sure what the genre is - part self help, part story, part devotional and part guide.  The book is titled "Umm, God, How Do I Sit on the Toilet?"  As you can see, there is a great deal of humor too.

Now, I am working on query letters, researching publishers and hoping that someone will take a chance on me.  So far, nothing but I am hopeful.

The difficulty is the query.  Advice is that the query should reflect your style of writing.  As you know, I am a former English teacher and published author but my most comfortable style of writing is conversational.  I like to feel that I am writing and speaking directly to you the reader.  Perhaps that will resonate with some readers.

I hope to have a solid draft on the query by next week because I also need to start work on another project.  Next years Kid's for Christ VBS program.

Sigh, if only these deadlines came with a paycheck . . . .

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Niece and Wonderlust

My beautiful and talented niece Kelly Taylor (who has traveled everywhere!  Yes, I am jealous!) is really promoting her blog and her Facebook page!/GetWanderlust.  I am so proud of her and only wish I could take a little credit for her success.  But alas, I can only admire her travels from afar and give the credit all to her own adventurous spirit!

I believe we all need a little wonderlust so I challenge all of you to breakout your top ten list of places I want to visit before I die and start wondering.

Here's to you Kelly!

How did I do it?

I was asked recently how did I get through the past fifteen years.  Yes, it is the subject of my manuscript but the answer can be summerized into a few simple steps.

My mom calls it "crisis mode."  Just like waging a war, a person under attack can shift into crisis mode.  This is the same tactic you see in parents when their child is injured.  Unfortunately, crisis mode is an all too familiar  area for my family.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer and Adam with autism; my husband and I quickly reevaluated or to-do lists.  Our lists went from fix this or that to call him or her.  Information gathering was our priority.  The more we knew, the better we could decide our next course of action.

Crisis mode also means that you have to dampen feelings.  Anxiety, fear or even happiness all become secondary to purpose.  Purpose being doing what you have to do to survive even if it is scary or ugly.  Like a starving person eats old food in order to live, a person takes the chemo or listens to her son's screams in order to treat the illness.

Of course, prayer is a constant.  Crisis mode is necessary but not without prayer.  It is only by God's grace that we do live. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Six More Months!

Break out the bubbly!  I have passed my four years, six months exam.  No sign of a tumor so I am dancing with NED for six more months.  I just love NED - no evidence of disease.

I am back home with the kids off to school and now I can continue to work on the house and my manuscripts.  Goals for the next six months:  begin and maintain diet, exercise, finish manuscript/start next manuscript, submit manuscript, porch/patio, organize house and more.

As each healthy passes and I am encouraged that I will live a healthy future!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Six Months Out

August 1st usually means dog days of heat, humidity, shorts and sun.  For me, it means all of that and more -- planning for winter vacation.  Yeah, six months out and I start thinking ahead for what to do over Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

I began to watch the airfare and see if they have specials over winter.  The fall fares are already out and winter fares are just beginning.  I check the school schedules including any concerts, benefits or extra activities that would affect planning.  I put a quiet reminder to my busy husband to watch for any scheduling conflicts or issues that may affect planning.

I know my family.  I know one child may or may not be home from college.  The other two are willing to go anywhere at anytime.  Just let them know and they will be ready.  This includes my autistic son who by now knows trips mean fun and adventure.

Today I will grab my travel notebook and start working through my lists.  Maybe we will go somewhere - maybe we won't.  But I can't wait until the week before break to decide.  Now is the time to plan.