Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am more than this

I recently borrowed from the library a well known book "What About the Big Things?" Remember the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff?" This is a continuation on the theme. I borrowed the book with a pile of other stress management books.
A chapter in the book spoke to facing major health crisis. While the author confessed that he hadn't faced any real health crisis, he spoke about living in failing bodies. His point in this chapter was that our body is not our self. I struggled with this concept. Who I am is who I see in the mirror.
That is why I see a young, 20 something, clear faced, long flaxen haired woman in the mirror. She looks right back at me with all the world before her. Her eyes twinkle with promise, excitement and humor. Her hair pulls easily back into a pony tail and freckles sprinkle across her nose. Her hips are smaller and her skin clearer. She is beautiful.
I see a young woman full of energy, ideas and promise. She is hopeful for the future. She is the future.
She is still in my mirror.

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