Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When Someone Believes in You

I know my family believes in me.  Yet a complete stranger called and asked that I write a story on traveling to Disney with an autistic child.  Then he asked for another story.  And another.  And another.  Plus, he paid me!

I know that it seems small to some people.  To me, it is huge! It is the faith of a complete stranger in my work. Similar to a complement of a stranger on your clothes. Somehow we place more value on a strangers complement than our own family.

I get that and I do understand why.  Our family feels the obligation of being nice and they love us unconditionally.  A stranger doesn't have to say anything so their complement is more meaningful.  Sure, makes sense.

Yet, I would hope in my heart that my family really means it.  I mean it when I complement them.  I am honest when I tell them what I think and why.  I would hope that is reciprocated.

Yet, there is a thrill when a stranger does it.  So I am sending a sincere thank you to God for all the editors that believe in me!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Quick question for you reader, what was the last complement you received from a complete stranger?  Comment and share the positive!