Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tribute to Time

I was cleaning my husband's dresser this weekend. I found a card from his Grandmother's funeral. The poem on the back of the card was so moving and appropriate for this time of my life.

If suddenly we knew today
Was going to be our last
I'm sure we'd do a lot of things
Neglected in the past.
Like rising very early
So we wouldn't miss the dawn
Or running barefoot down a hill
Before the dew was gone.
I think we'd greet our neighbors
With a very special smile
And visit friends we hadn't seen
In quite a little while.
I'm certain we'd be careful
Not to tread on any toes
And listen with a kinder ear
To other people's woes.
We'd find much greater magic
In a sunset or a star
And wished we'd noticed sooner
Just how beautiful they are.
And finally, I think we'd ask
For extra time to do
These things we didn't do before
And lots of others too.
For all at once we'd realize
That our spiritual worth
Depends upon the way we live
While we are here on earth.
author unknown

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Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...How fitting indeed.. We each need to stop and take time but unforunately we don't. Have a wonderful holiday season.. God Bless..