Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sing from the Mountains

YEAH! My CT scans and MRI are clear! That makes almost a year with no new growth!
and better news . . .
The doctor said that my concern of three or four month scan was typical for a person at the beginning of the process. She said that people get better at it over the next five to seven years. My heart soared! Five to seven years! YEAH!
She also said to remember that there are treatment options. I have a subtype that is suspecitible to radiation and we can try chemotherapy. I need to monitor myself for the tumor could pop up anywhere - arm, leg even big toe. Fortunately the brain barrier.
I am celebrating. Many would think that perhaps five to seven is not a celebration - but that is more time with kids. More time to work on effective treatments.
More time for a cure.

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Lisa said...

Congratulations Ann, I am so happy for you that the scans brought good news. Yeah! Enjoy celebrating with your friends.