Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year - YEAH!

Thank You 2008! I wasn't sure I would see you yet here I am!
It is funny but many times I blogs in my head when I can't get to the computer. Then I sit down to blog and nothing comes out that I intended to write. It is like my fingers have a different agenda.
I know that it has been more than a month since I blogged. My apologies. I took time off to enjoy the holiday disease free. We spent the time as a family just enjoying the holidays. We really tried to live the time as life was before the diagnosis. Every day I counted my blessings and thanked God for one more year!
There isn't much to report except that I have a job. Granted I don't get paid so it isn't a job per se. It is an incredible opportunity to use my brain and keep me motivated. I miss work but I am realistic in realizing that I can't do it all anymore.
I do have other news. I climbed another rock wall and made it much further. Most of it was with my hands and don't have the flexibility in my leg -- but I did great for an old codger!
I also started a Tai Chi class. I loved it. Meditation in motion. Just what my doctor ordered.
And more importantly, my new diet and lifestyle are underway. I am seeing very positive results so far. I only hope that I can keep it going!
The children are wonderful. My husband is wonderful.
Life is good.

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