Thursday, June 5, 2008

Next Step

I never thought about it before but blogging (at least in my format) is narcissistic. It's all about me as my son says.
I have schedule chemo to start in three weeks. I am fortunate that the onc is opting to separate the chemo agents so that I only take one form now. The next form of chemo we will save for next time. The toxicity of the combo outweighs the effectiveness. Especially in light of the fact that that I have no active tumors. So l agree that we can go with the easier regiment and save some for later.
The form he is recommending is doxorubicin (adriamyacin). It is common for sarcomas and breast cancer. I think there will only be four cycles -- a cycle is three to four weeks. And a single day transfusion. I hope that gives me time to bounce back each time.
I was afraid - and still am nervous. But everyday I get a little closer to accepting it.
What is so wrong with loosing your hair in the summer?


Anonymous said...

Your friends and Family love you with hair or without. Besides you won't have to shave for awhile.. HA HA.. Hang in there and know you have soo many prayers on your side..

Nicole said...

For the summer, I just gave my DH a buzz cut. He hadn't realized he'd been doing a comb-forward thing, so now he's dealing with his actual hairline. You can look forward to yours growing back, at any rate :)

My sister-in-law's sister, after much chemo, had her hair grow back in blond then red and back to brunette. You can tell people you're experimenting to see what will go best with the new tatt you have in mind.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to reading about your total recovery. Whenever you're up to it, after you're fine and fit as a fiddle, I have some ideas to post for your autism travel website.