Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Funny Story

Almost every day, I have taken several walks. Some just around the driveway, up the street a block or recently, around the block. Granted I move at a snails pace and babies could crawl faster, I am still moving.
Today after dinner, I stated that I was going for a walk - by myself. My husband asked if I wanted company but I politely declined. I counter offered a 30 minute window. If I wasn't back by then, they could send out the troops.
Off I went. Hands in pockets and enjoying the evening. The sky was a bright blue and children were riding their bikes. And I was alone moseying along.
A neighbor stopped to chat. I admired her new puppy and we chatted about our children. The usual, how fast they were growing; latest accomplishments and school year gossip. I haven't seen her since last fall except to wave out the car window. I joked about my 30 minute window and she laughed.
Until I spotted my daughter strolling up the street.
There goes 30 minutes!

Oh, by the way, I wore a bra for the first time. Sounds weird to some but think about where the scar is and where a bra fits. You get the picture.


Anonymous said...

Go for an hour next time and stop on by for a visit... I would take advantage of that going braless thing who needs em. Must of been a man who made them HA HA

Nicole said...

This is such a lovely time of year (except for this week in Iowa). I went for a walk with my son and his therapists this morning and we saw the most beautiful butterflies. They were brown with lemon yellow outer edges and a line of little blue dots along the yellow.

Since you mentioned it, bras can be so uncomfortable, even if you don't have a surgery scar. Whenever I can get away with not wearing one, I take it off. I think I must pick pretty uncomfortable styles. Mostly I just want to give the illusion that my stomach does NOT stick out farther than my chest. Also, I don't want to give anyone a peep show, so it's good to have that respectable extra layer of clothing.

Anyway, I'm so happy to hear that you are getting out and about for walks!