Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, An Easy Surgery

At dawn, we headed to the hospital for another surgery. I admit this one really had me worried. I wasn't worred about the open heart/lung. I did not have time to worry. Nor did I have a real choice in the surgery. I had to or move right into terminal status. This surgery was planned. An option. And I really didn't want to go under again.
We arrived on time. Taken back for preop on time. Surgery happened on time. And I woke up in the surgical suite. I was out of the hospital within the hour. We arrived at 7:45 am and left at 2pm. I was so happy that they did not keep me over.
To spend the night here at my own home the night of surgery is a real new experience for me.
My pain is also very bearable. Advil and Tylenol are keeping it in check. Another real bonus. I get to take Advil after a week off it. I am proud of myself for making it a whole week!
The port will be great for chemo next week. No more IV's and my veins will be saved from chemo. It sits under the skin allowing me to shower and swim.
All in all, a very good day!

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