Monday, June 23, 2008

Hoping for the Best

Here I am at Hope Lodge Cleveland waiting for chemo tomorrow. This is such a nice facility. Very restful and peaceful before what could be a trying day.
I have waited a long time for tomorrow. I have always known that it was going to happen. I hoped later rather than sooner. So in order to celebrate my first dose of chemo, I have come up with the top five reasons chemo is a good thing - besides the killing cancer of course.

Reason Number Five -- Savings on shampoo, razors, conditioner, hair spray, hair cuts. Lots of money to save.

Reason Number Four -- Time savings in shaving, shampooing, combing and trips to the saloon. Not to mention the time saved in checking your reflection in the mirror. Those seconds add up!

Reason Number Three -- Trying out new wig hairstyles and taking it off if you don't like it.

Reason Number Two -- For those days, when a wig or scarf doesn't work, remember bald is beautiful. And don't you forget it!

Reason Number One -- Insurance paid weight loss plan.


Anonymous said...

My friend will agree with you. She proudly sports her bald head for all to see. Maybe you two can start a bald is beautiful club. Or a naked head club... Hmmm. Thinking of you daily.. PRAYERS>>>>

Nicole said...

When I was much younger, I found wigs and hair dye so intriguing. I loved the thought of pretending to be someone glamorous for a while. I couldn't afford any natural wigs, so the ones that I could only wear for a little while before whatever chemicals in them made my eyes water and my face all blotchy. I had a long, sexy Ginger wig and a black page boy wig. I loaned that one out to a friend and she just so happened to get fired from her job the day she wore it. Neither of us could bear to look at that wig after that. At one time I had a very curly platinum blond wig. But when I wore it and went out with my friends, everyone thought I was their mother!

But when you are bravely bald, people have a lot of respect for what you are going through. So, reason number 2 is Bald is Brave.

My neighbor is 32 and she has overcome both brain and breast cancer. Her hair is long and streaky blond. After chemo (I think she said 3 rounds?) it grew in a little more coarse than it was when she was a girl. She's going to have a baby boy in November, just after her husband gets back from Iraq for the 3rd time. She was so worried that she might not even be able to get pregnant. So, her Upside is on the way this fall.