Friday, April 25, 2008


What I want to say tongue in cheek is - It's Baacckk! We met with the Chief of Thoracic Surgery of University Hospital today. The heart MRI confirmed that it is a tumor with full occlusion of the right pulmonary vein. The upper lobe of the right lung is nonfunctional. There is significant growth into the heart muscle. The tumor is the size of a large marble. Surgery is a possibility. Right now we are waiting to see if New York concurs and if there is still time for chemotherapy so we can reduce the surgical impact. Or if they have other options there.
All in all, the news was worse than we anticipated. The worse part is the Chief of Surgery in Cleveland is not nearly as good looking as the guy in NY. Darn. Although I have to say his credentials were impressive. He has done four or five of these surgeries before - and he operates on the heart/lung area every day. This is rarer than rare. This guy is right out of Boston and one of the best. I am not even sure that NY can do this operation - even if they are better looking.
So next week we could be scheduling open heart surgery or hopefully, chemotherapy. We hope to know soon. Right now I pray that there is enough alcohol to keep us going through the weekend. Since I am allergic to morphene, why not?
Keep me in your prayers.


Marlo Ellsworth said...

I just want to say...if we're talking about hero's here, that you are one of mine! Often I've had days where I didn't think I could keep going, especially in keeping up with therapies and "normal" life with a husband and seven kids. Yet through all of the ups and downs you are still thinking of others, especially in the autism community.You are an inspiration to me. Anyone who can make me laugh and cry in the same sentence deserves some recognition.Keep on that path of recovery and know that you are ALWAYS in my families prayers!(Lucky for you I have such a large one! HA HA.)
Love and Admiration,
Marlo Ellsworth (and family!)

lisa said...

Ann, I am so sorry. (That seems like such a small thing to say, but I truly mean it) You and your family are definately in my prayers. I am sending you as many positive thoughts as I can.

Anonymous said...

Ann,, I feel your sadness and have shedded a few tears for you.. Know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Okay he isnt as cute but maybe the meds will make em look better HA HA.. Sheila E