Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Flood of White

What a shitty day. They weren't kidding when they talked about lows and highs. A high last week with clean CT scan and a low this week with chemotherapy. What a shitty day. The sad part is it would have been a better day if I had chemo.
For more than an hour I was pretreated. Anti nausea; benedryl, zantac and IV fluids. Then the hard stuff. Within one minute, I experienced the worst reaction of my life. I struggled to breathe and felt pressure in my chest. I was paralyzed. The nurses sprang into action and pumped me full of benedryl and steroid. I was put on oxygen. Quickly, I came out of it. Overall, it took no more than three mintues.
Next week we are going to try again. Pre and post medications with lots of hope and prayers.

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