Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Cure for the Blues

I have found a cure for the blues. An honest, never fail cure. Good crustly, grainy fresh bread - preferably warm with sweet cream butter. Even better with coffee or herbal berry tea. Trust me, it works.
For some this cure may take awhile to appreciate. Especially if you worhip at the alter of protein and spit on carbs. But for myself, warm, crusty bread is heaven.
These past several weeks have been hard. A real downer to utilize old folks lingo. The realization of what I am facing hit hard. Then I started. Ate my bread with some herbal berry tea. With a good friend. Better than chocolate.
Ok, not as good as chocolate. But so close.


Lisa said...

Warm crusty bread so tasty. I am not sure that it beats chocolate, but at least it lasts longer. The best chocolate for a bad moment is available only at Bloomingdales in NewYork at Martines. My friendly sarcoma doc brought me some int he hospital and I strongly recommend the dark chocolate truffles.

ams said...

Dark chocolate truffles. A woman after my own heart. My daughters buy me a few every birthday. Thank God for chocolate!