Friday, June 1, 2007

Winning the War

I have a great idea for winning the Iraq War. It is simple and cost effective. Let's send the physical therapists.
I started PT last week. Three days a week. Stretching, biking, walking - all the stuff that requires far more stamina than I have. Then they add on another set. And another exercise. One more minute. And only a day off to recuperate. Torturers.
There is a sign posted that says $5 for each whine. Torturers.
I have a large scar with large, hard immovable areas. Painful to sit on. The PTA works on this each session manipulating the scar to break apart scar tissue. Torturers.
Then I need to wear shorts. Show off the scar. Not capris but shorts. Torturers.
Not to mention that I have homework. Not just at PT but at home. Nightly. Post shower. Morning. Torturers.
So let's send them all to Iraq. One sight of them and the insurgents will surrender. Osama will run out of the hills.
Oops, my sis is a OT. Maybe I should delete this.
Nah, too much fun.

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