Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Six Months Out

August 1st usually means dog days of heat, humidity, shorts and sun.  For me, it means all of that and more -- planning for winter vacation.  Yeah, six months out and I start thinking ahead for what to do over Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

I began to watch the airfare and see if they have specials over winter.  The fall fares are already out and winter fares are just beginning.  I check the school schedules including any concerts, benefits or extra activities that would affect planning.  I put a quiet reminder to my busy husband to watch for any scheduling conflicts or issues that may affect planning.

I know my family.  I know one child may or may not be home from college.  The other two are willing to go anywhere at anytime.  Just let them know and they will be ready.  This includes my autistic son who by now knows trips mean fun and adventure.

Today I will grab my travel notebook and start working through my lists.  Maybe we will go somewhere - maybe we won't.  But I can't wait until the week before break to decide.  Now is the time to plan.

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