Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memoiring Again

Last spring I put the final touches on what some publishers would call a memoir.  I am not sure what the genre is - part self help, part story, part devotional and part guide.  The book is titled "Umm, God, How Do I Sit on the Toilet?"  As you can see, there is a great deal of humor too.

Now, I am working on query letters, researching publishers and hoping that someone will take a chance on me.  So far, nothing but I am hopeful.

The difficulty is the query.  Advice is that the query should reflect your style of writing.  As you know, I am a former English teacher and published author but my most comfortable style of writing is conversational.  I like to feel that I am writing and speaking directly to you the reader.  Perhaps that will resonate with some readers.

I hope to have a solid draft on the query by next week because I also need to start work on another project.  Next years Kid's for Christ VBS program.

Sigh, if only these deadlines came with a paycheck . . . .

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