Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nightmares and More

Sunday night I had a disturbing nightmare. Frightingly real to the point that I could not wake up despite a full bladder. I woke up in a silent scream and could not go back to sleep. For hours, I relived the nightmare in my mind.
I couldn't think why I would have this nightmare now. What triggered this horrid experience? As soon as my husband woke up, I shared the dream with him. He suggested that I talk it through with my counselor. Good idea.
She had an interesting take on the dream. Even more interesting was how she led me to her conclusion.
She asked several quietly probing questions. Each question shed light on the nightmare. Like a spreading sunrise. Within minutes I saw the nighmare in a whole new way. I came to the conclusion myself -- even though she was probably there from the start.
The nightmare was a product of my own fear. Duh. I was completely helpless in my nightmare and I feel helpless in my fight against cancer.
Another interesting image from my dream was my carring a bowl of apples. Apparently that symbolizes my fear of not being able to care my family. I was afraid in my nightmare that i would spill the bowl.
I have never truly bought into dream analysis. I have had my share of psych classes and always thought it was over done.
I don't think so anymore.

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