Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Celebrating Small Moments

My son dressed himself today. My amazing five year old son dressed himself. And I was in the kitchen.

In the past it has been a struggle to get my son to pull his pants up, pull his shirt down or buckle his shoes. I haven't pushed it. Just kept at it. Giving him every opportunity to do it himself and praise every little step.

We had three goals this summer. Give up the bottle, dress himself and give up the binkie. The bottle went first and he made the decision to end it. Dressing took a lot more time. Just accomplished thank you. And the binkie is at least confined to bedtime.

Big progress.

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Anonymous said...

YAH!!!! I seen him riding his big 2 wheel bike without training wheels the other day.. You should be very vey proud... I had to watch awhile myself as he peddled by with Jim. Give him a big hug for me. Take Care