Monday, June 18, 2007

Another 20 Years

This past weekend I had my dream wedding. Under the falls at Ash Cave, my husband and I reaffirmed our vows in front of family. My brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins attended. We looked out at a lush forest under the grand sweeping arch of the recess cave. The weather was perfect with crystal skys.
Afterwards, the lodge served a small luncheon. We had a chance to visit with little kids running around playing typical tag games. There were no gifts, cutting of the cake or dancing. Just good friends catching up.
My husband was so handsome. I am an incredibly lucky woman to have so fortunate partner through everything. Together we face autism and now we have a verbal affectionate son. We have and are facing cancer and it has only brought us closer. He is a wonderful support and I adore him.
While our 20th anniversary is not a huge marker for many -- for me it is significant. At this time, who know what the next several years will bring. I wanted to do this now while I am able. I know that I could have another 20 - and I will - but why wait? Plus, this was my dream wedding. I never wanted the fanfare. I am a flower child at heart even if I grew up in the 80's. So standing in one of my favorite places telling my husband I love him was all I needed.
I look forward to the next 20!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! 20 MORE... Can Jim keep up wth you?? HA HA.. Keep your head up and I am glad you enjoyed the day. I'm telling you look for a publisher and who knows a lifetime movie.. You are a great inspiration for all. Take Care Sheila