Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Musings from the Couch Deux

I read an article a few years ago proposing that there is nothing new in the world.  No new thought.  No new ideas.  Nothing new.  The author proposed that what we conceive as new are really two separate ideas combined in different ways.

Sad.  I rather like the thought of new in the world.  But that is for another post.

Today, I wanted to address that he could be right.  Just go with me for a moment . . .

I was fishing in a video game I play with my son.  I caught a squid.  As my digital, cartoonish character held the wiggly squid aloft I realized that this guy could be right. 

The squid was a opaque white with dangling tentacles and eyes on opposite sides of his body directly above the tentacles.  I knew it was a squid because it said so on the screen.  Looked nothing like the squid from the aquarium or from Sponge Bob.  This was no Squidward.

Nope, this was an Ood.

Yes, you Dr. Who fans are saying of course Ann, the Ood were based on squids.  But you see I never saw it really.  They carry their brains in glowing balls.  I was far more focused on that detail.  And those tentacles came from their mouth atop a large body.  Sorry, but the resemblance is pretty far fetched to a squid.

So you can see why I think this author is right.  Someone, somewhere, in Dr. Who writing world, created a character that resembles a squid.  This character is so surreal and strange yet very familiar.  Creative but the same.

Yup, I do believe that perhaps creativity is not something from nothing but two different nothings creating a something.

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