Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Classics

I love the old classics.  Not the traditional greek or Canterbury Tales.  No, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Gilman and old Xanth fantasy.  Those books that I read a young girl who eagerly devoured them from cover to cover. 

The winter is leaving and outside I hear bursts of song birds.  The air is still cold and the snow hasn't quite left yet.  Here in NE Ohio we have been known to have snow into April.  I am not sad about the snow leaving.  I am sad about the winter leaving though.

When the sky is gray with bitter cold winds and large snow flakes, I read.  Something in me reaches for those tried and true classics that feel like a warm sweater.  I dip in and force myself to slow down so I can read each and every word.  I slowly turn the pages as I greet each sentence like an old friend.

Of course I know the plot, characters and dialogue by heart.  But I still do it anyway.  The comfort of those books keeps the depressing gray skies from bringing in too much doom and gloom.  Those books are old friends that I keep on the shelves.  We visit every winter and spend many a peaceful time together.

Soon warmer weather will be here for good.  Then I will be outside, planting flowers, taking walks, riding bikes and reading new books.  Spring and summer are perfect for new friends.

Winter is perfect for the old.

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