Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Musings from the Couch

The internet flickers now and again and of course, whatever I am watching or listening comes to an abrupt halt.  Then follows those flights of thought that take wing in alarming directions.  I thought that was a nice turn of cliché, huh?

So this post will focus on two of those recent flights.  I will call them Netflix Folly and SyFy Ignorance.

The first is purely from a writer's point of view.  I much prefer writing -- screen, novel or any - where the plot and points are tied up nicely.  If the author starts a thread of thought then please resolve it.  Drives the dedicated reader crazy when they can't figure out why the purple sweatered girl was mentioned in the café scene.  What was the purpose?  JK Rowling and Joss Whedon are masters at this craft.  Their stories are so finely interwoven with clever prose that you are guaranteed that every word is treated like precious gold.  They do not fritter or scamper with their plot points.  They are placed there for a precise reason.  If you don't know it yet -- you will.

Hence the folly of Netflix for all those screen writers that do not treat the written word as religiously.  For now, there are whole seasons, hours and weeks of TV to replay without interruption.  Those plot holes you hoped to  slip by unnoticed are now glaring, gaping maws of monsters.  (another nice turn of phrase -- feel free to borrow.)  If you start a character down a path and then the next episode is nowhere near that path -- we will notice.  And wonder.  And stop watching.  Be warned.  You can't escape from normal viewers anymore.

Now onto the SyFy ignorance.  Ignoring the stupid network title - really folks?  really? - let's focus on the true lack of corporate support.  Over and over, the network starts a great show with a focus on good writing, acting and interesting premise.  Then who knows what happens, not enough profit I suppose, they stop.  Or they veer off and make no sense.  I don't know but it is very irksome.  Yes, I like science fiction/fantasy as much as the next person.  I am a closet trekkie - but who isn't anymore thank you Benedict Cumberbatch.  That doesn't excuse this complete lack of support for quality programming.  Get your head out of the ledger, commit to a show and then watch the money flow.  Go as you are now, and you will be doomed.

Now, I will put away my eraser, crystal ball and go back to Netflix.  If the internet is working again!  

Next up, AT&T and Sprint - get your act together!

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