Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I Handle Rejection

An old childhood friend recently posted on my Facebook wall that I shouldn't talk about rejection but be positive about publishing.  Yes, I agree that being positive is important (hence the title living in the upside) but rejection can be important as well.

All writers get rejected.  Let's face it -- there are far more of us than there are publishers.  That's is a fact.  Rejection letters are not really rejection.  They are replys that mean you are not a good fit for us today but perhaps in the future.

Basic sales philosophy.  Not today only means not today.  Perhaps next time or perhaps you need to look at your presentation or perhaps I am in a bad mood or perhaps I am too busy or . . . 

So sending queries and asking for the contract is selling.  Look professional, sound professional and someone, somewhere will pick you up.

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