Monday, February 7, 2011

Light of the World

Yesterdays Godspell, Matthew 5: 13-16, is one of my favorite passages. The salt of the earth and light of the world immediately inspires the song from the musical Godspell. Which immediately leads to other Godspell songs and then of course, Jesus Christ Superstar songs. Today, of course, those songs are burrowing through my brain like a worm.

While I have written about my faith here, I am hesitant to write too much. I have never been comfortable proclaiming my Christianity. I have many friends who are evanglicals and every conversation is another discussion of their faith.

I have felt that my faith should be present in word but more present in action. I am fascinated by other religions and their traditions. I have a margin of error in my soul that perhaps they are onto something as well. If they follow the tenants of the ten commandments in their own way, then isn't there a chance for them in heaven as well? I truly don't know but I do know that preaching to them is not what works for me.

Anyway, I thought I would take a few moments and wrestle with those thoughts as I continue to work on my memoir. I am still not sure what the line is that I have to walk. I only know that inspiration is coming daily. I am sure that God will send me a message soon.


Karin Cramer said...

I check in on your blog every few months and today it was time to do that. It's nice to hear your voice again. And now I'm looking forward to your memoir. If I remember correctly, we were diagnosed about the same time and I became aware of you because of the ACOR liposarcoma list. It sounds like you are doing well and I am also. Wishing you the best. Karin

autistic globetrotting said...

Just wanted to say a quick hello!
Hope you are feeling better.

You are a great inspiration to all of us in the autistic community and an incredible trail blazer in the autism-travel .
I unknowingly picked up your voice and started my own autistic travel website,only to discover your blog months later so I guess you can say some kind of cosmic powers were involved.
Once you feel better I hope we can collaborate and continue to spread the word.
All the best,
Margalit Francus