Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday and I'm Ready for Monday

Three snow days in a row this week. Five people with cabin fever. Roads are finally passable and ice is still covering everything. Today I am sitting still and enjoying the quiet. There are no sounds of arguing; no TV noise; no Wii beeping. Just blissful quiet. I am so ready to pass by the weekend and move into Monday - some more days of quiet bliss!

On Monday I finished a substantial part of the book. I was able to craft an introduction. I found a workable method to weave the blogs together in a meaningful, humorous yet substantive way. I only hope that the time and order of blogs makes sense. I hope that the writing is meaningful and worthwhile.

I want this book to humorous, spiritual yet not trite or preachy. I hope that the book is not perceived a evangelical or preachy but quietly, dignified witness.

A fine line I need to walk and in the long run it will still be up to the reader to decide.

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