Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Balmy Night

3 am and I am walking around outside. This is how crazy our weather has been. 34 degrees and it feels balmy outside. I am in my pajamas with only a crochets shawl around my shoulders.
The world was covered in ice. What we couldn't figure out was the rain? I had opened a window and heard the pitter patter of rain. Yet I couldn't really see it against the street light. So outside I went with my husband for support. Don't forget I am still jerking all over.
The trees were frozen to the ground with the weight of the ice on their branches. Bushes were smashed and broken from the weight. The entire glittered like the inside of a snow globe. It was surreal experience. I felt I walking on a movie set and waiting for the director to yell cut.
The sound of the rain came from the melting ice on the trees. It was only 34 but of course freezing is 32. What we heard was the ice melting and hitting the frozen icy snow.
I had visions of the kids slipping and sliding outside the next day. The world a frozen Popsicle. Yet when I woke up a few hours later, it was all gone.

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