Monday, April 27, 2009

How is Your Bucket List?

The sun is shining and the day beautiful. With my struggle this week at being rudely reminded of my mortality, I thought it was time to visit my bucket list. Perhaps a feeling of accomplishment will help feel as if I am moving forward.

Travel across country camping. A very long, multi week vacation driving to national parks, monuments and historic cities. Sharing every moment with my family. In the works and we hope to leave sometime this summer.

Deliver a comedy monologue at an open mic night in a comedy club. I think that I will try that this fall. I hope my friends will come and keep me from running off the stage!

Travel to Egypt to see the pyramids then onto Greece to see the Parthenon. Not yet.

Travel through Europe; especially Germany where my grandmother was from and visiting my distant cousins. Again, not yet.

Zip line over and through the jungles of Costa Rica. Watched a video of it. Does that count?

Whale watch off either the east or west coast. Perhaps we can do that on the trip out west. I may have missed this one. I should have insisted on taking a trip when we were in Boston. I know that I will get another chance though.

White water rafting through the wilds of PA or WV. This is still a good possibility.

Co host a radio show for just one day. Just like I did in college. Any takers?

Snorkel off the Great Barrier in Australia. Then onto hiking in New Zealand. Or the Bahamas - I do want to see the Red Rock in Australia though. But I won't be picky. OK, OK, I first need to get a passport. No big huh?!

So, that's my update. How is your bucket list coming?

It's never too late. Or too early.

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