Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello and Update

As you can tell it has been a very long time since I have blogged. What have been doing? Staying positive, meditating, resting and preparing for a great summer. I just returned from my latest scans in NYC and I came back clear.

It is time to celebrate! I will be a year tumor free on May 7th! A whole year! YEAH!!!

I have truly been focusing on becoming healthy again. My hair has grown back. I am still overweight from all of the steroids -- but I am working on that. I think that I have licked the fatigue issue - tremendous fatigue! Napping everyday and all day fatigue. I went to see several doctors and everything has come back normal. And they checked everything! That made me feel good and I know with more exercise and diet, I will become energetic. It doesn't happen overnight.

Especially when you think what my body has been through -- open heart surgery, leg surgery, lung surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All within two years. I am not writing for sympathy but reminding myself that recuperation will take time.

I hope to be writing more and perhaps doing some online writing. As a family we are getting ready for a long camping trip out west. My dream come true! I can truly say that I crossing off half of my bucket list!



Anonymous said...

YAH!!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!! We can and will cross off the whole bucket list in time. You have lots of it!!!! Okay as long as you dont keep adding to the list.. HA HA Prayers as always.

Karin Cramer said...

I was really worried about you. So glad to hear that things are going well. I can identify with everything you said--the hair, the fatigue, trying to eat and rest AND NED at my check up last week! Your experiences and tests are so close to mine that I watch for your results and celebrate with you. Have a great trip. We're planing an Alaskan cruise. Aren't bucket lists great? I wish you continued good health.