Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Down How Many to Go?

Today was second chemo day. Mentally it was real hard for me to go back up to Cleveland for another dose. I was just getting my brain back. I was feeling energetic and hopeful. Only to get shot down again.
I did find out that one the medications I was taking caused that manic feeling. I thought it was the Neulasta shot but it was the nausea medicine. Apparently there is a form of many breast cancer patients only receive four cycles. And the side effects will get progressively worse.
Or they could get better and this is really kicking the cancer's but.
I am opting for the last one.


Nicole said...

Three more, right? Kick that cancer's butt! Fight, fight, fight!

Anonymous said...

Three to go and each one is closer to freedom from cancer.. Hang tough.. Prayers a many still for you and your family.

Lisa said...

Just checked in to see how you're doing. I am stilling cheering you on from a far.