Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Want to See the Inside of My Eyelids

Going to sleep is hardest for me. Once I'm asleep there is no problem but getting there is a great big, fat, honking problem. What a surprise since I have so much to worry about. As you can relate, the best time to worry is right before sleep.
I tried a recommendation from my Grandpa Chris on the liposarcoma support list. He suggested that you picture your happiest moment. In detail. Sights, sounds, feelings. I tried that. I pictured my most content moment on the beach at the Outer Banks collecting sea shells with my parents, children and husband.
No go.
So I prayed the rosary. Each and every bead. No shortcuts.
No go.
Then I remembered the happiest moment was not the Outer Banks but Mom's first visit. When she visited with God and he removed the basket of stones from my chest. I floated free and happier than ever before.
Of course, I immediately came down to write about it.


Nicole said...

Have you ever tried Sudoku? I love Sudoku, but it puts me to sleep, especially the more difficult puzzles. I guess it's mentally exhausting. I find that I'm more often fighting to stay awake, usually to finish a novel (unless it is boring, then I nod off), but sometimes to blog. My husband gets so annoyed though and grumps at me to turn off the lights and not stay up until 3a.m.

When I want to give my son a nudge toward sleep, I give him melatonin. Have you heard of it? It's over-the-counter and very cheap, natural stuff.

Nicole said...

Hey Ann, I hope that you've been getting some quality shut-eye these last couple of weeks. And I hope that you are finding soothing ways to cope with everything. Usually August is my least favorite month, but this year, I'm really appreciating listening to the breeze ruffle the leaves of the trees. Soon they'll turn brilliant colors and start fluttering down. That's wonderful, too. You probably get a better view of that out there in Ohio than I do here in CA.
If you're wondering who I am, I found your link on, and I'm "WyattsMom" there.

Ann Schlosser said...

I wish I could Sudoko. My husband and daughters do and my brain doesn't work around numbers like that. My brain just doesn't work around numbers at all! Let me know your email Nicole and I promise I won't post it online. I would love to talk.