Monday, July 7, 2008

Bald and Beautiful

Last week when walking with my children, I ran my hands through my hair and felt a clump come out in my hand. The next day I shaved it all off.
What a liberating experience! I think I look pretty good. The hard part is the stares and looks of fear. Oh well, that is their problem.
I tried on a few wigs but they all looked like wigs. And they were very hot. Really hot. Stifling hot. Get the picture.
So I have a few scarves, hats and older wigs. In a few weeks I am meeting with a woman to help style them as part of class called "Wigs and Me." The local cancer support group runs it. I hope it helps.
Overall, the first round of chemo has been fine. There are bumps like mouth sores, weird and painful aches, cravings, queasiness and more. But they are nothing compared to recovery from open heart surgery.
A piece of cake.
Maybe I'll keep this style - it certainly is easy to care for!


Anonymous said...

It is their problem not yours. My friend uses the moment with women to say get your mammo every year and explains breast cancer. Men she uses get checked and explains prostrate (sp) cancer.. Hang tough. Family and friends love you hairless and besides no shaving.

Anonymous said...

My hair started it's departure last night. We are certainly on this journey together. I start back on Monday, June 14, the 2nd series of 4. It could have been worse...and I don't have young children to deal with. I admire you and your spirit. Karin

Nicole said...

Here is an inane comment, but if you happen to run into any women who are thinning on top (not from chemo), I've helped two neighbors by recommending fish oil. There's this really tasty kind called Coromega --Amazon is the best place to get it--that I learned about from some other autism moms who give it to their kids. I gave some to my neighbor and she went from losing 150 hairs every time she brushed her hair to just 4 hairs. She went from doing a combover to getting a perm. I don't know, but maybe it could help your body during your grow-back when you're all done with your treatment.