Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Dead Fred

The past week has been a series of ups and downs as I have readjusted to home. I hate that I am only able to do so little. I have been gasping for breath, bearing with the pain and shuffling from one chair to another.
Yes, that is as depressing as it sounds.
Until last night when I hit rock bottom.
My daughters were each having a rough night. My son wouldn't get to sleep and my husband was exhausted. I was also exhausted from hours of coughing.
Not a good night at all. I ended sleeping in the recliner so that I could sleep sitting up.
Today, I talked with my daughters and apologized for not being more upbeat. My daughter said that I had nothing to apologize. She likened me to Monty Python's Not Dead Fred. She sees me as jumping up and dancing instead of being thrown on the 'bring out your dead' cart.
I like that image. So tonight, while I am still struggling for breath and with pain, I will refuse to go on the cart.
I am Not Dead Fred!

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Anonymous said...

You are not Dead Fred... Absoluately not!!! Think like a preschooler... Little Engine that Could?? I think I can I think I can.. Adam would relate to that story...Hang in there.. Many prayers for you.. I ssen you walking the drive WAY TO GO...