Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Passed!

Let's Celebrate! Today I heard from the surgeon in Cleveland and I am eligible for surgery. I passed all of my lung tests. The doc may order a PET scan which may change all of the plans again. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. They are going to take the tumor from the right pulmonary vein, up to 20% of the left atrium and the upper right lobe of the lung. They will try to save the middle lobe and reimplant the vein into the heart. I will be in the hospital from four to seven days. I will be put on a heart and lung machine just like a bypass surgery. They hope to control pain afterwards with an epidural of which I am so grateful since I am allergic to narcotics! Yes, I am wimp when I think of the pain.

Even better news is that I can start chemo as early as four weeks after surgery. Yes, this is aggressive but it gives me the greatest chance for overall survival.

So lift a glass of wine to me and thank God that they can do surgery! In two weeks I will be home and walking the block again (OK, maybe not the block but the driveway!)

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