Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Dog and The Fire Hydrant

Today in my online liposarcoma support group there was a flurry of emails concerning stress and cancer. Last week NPR hosted a whole hour on cancer research and part of it addressed the link between inflamation and cancer. In the back of my mind I have often wondered about why I have this dreaded disease. It was not my formost concern when first diagnosed. I only wondered when I became calmer and passed the crisis. Now it is a fact of my life. I only need to address the embarrassment of depression.
I have talked about the depression before. I am pills. I see a psychologist. I am in support groups. Yet there is still embarrassment and a stigma to depression. Oh hell, if you wonder why I'm depressed just look at my plate. It runneth over. And I needed help. So there, no more embarrassment.
The discussion on stress in the online support group is a different issue. Stress causes a rise in cortisol which leads to inflammation. This inflammation could trigger a genetic tendency to cancer. A theory.
So I started to think about stress. How I handle it and how I don't. The online group talked about glasses half full and half empty. I always that I was a half full person. Optimistic and laid back. Perhaps I have too many half full glasses.
All of the discussion reminded me of a conversation that I had with my daughter's friend. I asked if she felt like the dog or the fire hydrant that day.
She said she felt like the sidewalk.

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Anonymous said...

ANN NO EMBARASSMENT NECESSARY OVER DEPRESSION!!!!!!We all have been there in life.. You have every right to be depressed your situations in life have been more than any one person can handle. I would have been on the psy floor myself... Hang in there. God, your family and friends are on your side. If you feel like a cry I'll give you the shoulder..