Friday, July 27, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

I pray that this post does not come across as whining but here goes . . .

To Whom It May Concern,

When I was young in the olden days 'common courtesies' was preached in the classroom.  The nuns emphasized manners in every aspect of our day.  Elders were address as Mr, Mrs or Miss.  There was no Miss Ann only Mrs. Schlosser.  This was indication of respect for the older person's age and wisdom.

Now this post isn't about using Mr or Mrs but simple courtesies like Thank You or Excuse Me.  For example, when you bump into someone, you say I'm sorry or Excuse Me.  Even if it wasn't your fault.  It is an acknowledgement that you and the other person invaded space and you saw them even if after the fact.  It is saying simply, "I see you and I know that we touched so I am sorry."

I find myself sometimes just wanting someone to say Thank You.  I see you.  I see you holding the door, standing there and smiling.  I see that you are a person who unintentionally bumped into me in this crowded place.  Yes, you are a person.

That is what common courtesy means.  A simple acknowledgement of the person's humanity.  And a simple nod to our own.

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