Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week of Exhausting Fun

We spent an unusual week over New Years. We went to Washington DC. For many people this may be a weekend trip or a pass through on the way to somewhere else. We spent five full days there and still only scratched the tip.

What a great week! We toured the capital, Library of Congress, Archives, Smithsonians, monuments, and much more. Each of us had a list of what we wanted to see and made time for each other. At every location there was more to see than intended. Never ending exhibits, interactive computer stations, docents and on and on.

The best part was that almost all of it was free. We did pay a small processing fee for tour the Washington Monument and pass the line at the Archives. My husband was able to find a great room at a Residence Inn on the metro line. We parked the car and only used it once. The rest of the time we rode the metro. Breakfast was included. For three days, they served dinner as well. A great savings for all of us. We had a large breakfast and didn't need to eat until dinner.

The only down fall was the walking. Oh did we walk. Miles and miles every day up and down corridors, building to building. Oiy, what tired feet! We did notice a real lack of benches and garbage cans. Must be new security issues.

I have come back a real respect for our country. I am so proud to be an American!

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Anonymous said...

DC is a wonderful trip and makes you thankful indeed to be an American even with tired feet!!! Glad you enjoyed it and hopefully staying warm..