Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This weekend was a perfect example of the duality of my life. For many people this is common. For me, this was an extreme circumstance that illustrated the differences.

We had a four day weekend. The kids were off Friday and Monday. Looking forward, we decided to visit a college with my oldest daughter. Due to her college preferences and scheduled visitation days, Ohio University was first on the list. My Alma Mater. We did the trip in one day and spent several hours touring campus. We also spent a good hour with an admissions adviser in her desired field.

Overall a productive day spent with a highschool junior and campus of college kids.

Today, was my youngest son's big birthday party. The kids are allowed one big party in elementary school. This was the big one. We scheduled it at Pump It Up, a large inflatable party center. 25 eight year old kids from school and the neighborhood. I have over 300 pictures from three different cameras and most of them are a blur. We had a fantastic time.

Overall a great day spent with first graders.

Hence, the duality of two lives. My head is spinning.

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