Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fifteen Days

When I see the date November 16 since our last post, I marvel at how quickly time has passed. I have since been to NYC, I have good news and OK news. The good news is that my scans are clear. The lungs look good and the rest of the body is clear.

Neither of the surgeons seemed overly concerned with the mass in the uterus. So I am feeling confident in their confidence.

Yet they are still cautious. I had more tests yesterday.

Ready for a story?

I had a inter-vaginal ultrasound. For many women in the world, that might sound like a good time. In case you wonder, it is exactly like you think. A wand up there. If you think about it, it's paid for by insurance companies and delivered by a professional. In some states that would be illegal.

When I reached home, the cramps started. I didn't know it would happen so I was surprised. Women are truly not meant for something that big for that long. Regardless of what you heard in sex class.

I wondered if I should have left a tip on the counter.

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Anonymous said...

Ann Ann Ann No tips you got cramps so no fun.. I love ya and your sense of humor just made my day...Im glad all those porn movies I watched, okay only one, wasnt all that it seemed. HA HA