Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You Universe

Today I am grateful for . . .

My health
My husband
My home
My legs, arms and lungs
My heart
My family -- father, sisters and brothers
Matt, Bruce, Mary and Cathy
My friends
Especially Monica, Cathie, Lisa and Katie
My neighbors
Especially Wendy, Brandy, Lori, Keena, Diane, Lisa and everyone else!!!
My soul sister Terrie
My doctors and their caring expertise
My Aunt Bitsy
My Uncle Peter, Uncle Curt and Uncle John
My Aunt Mary and Aunt Jean
My sister Debbie and mother Judy
My father John and Jim
Childhood vacations
Camping trips
Shooting stars
Cuddling with my son
Hugs from my daughters
Computer games
Funny TV shows
and the list goes on
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You


Nicole said...

Happy New Year! I'm grateful for the start of this new year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing us to be a apart of your life!! Mine has changed because of your attitude whether you knew it or not..