Saturday, March 3, 2007

Scanning and Scanning Again

When the doctor told me that I had cancer I was immediately scheduled for a CT scan of the rest of my body. This was to determine if there were tumors elsewhere. At the time I did not realize the implication. Now I know that it means did that the cancer may have metastasized or spread from the original site. In my case, that would put me at stage IV or pretty close to the end.
The CT scan was pretty easy. It was by contrast and I am allergic to iodine. They premedicated me and the test went well. Due to the holidays, it took quite a bit of time to get the results. There appeared to be a small mass in my right lung and PET scan was ordered to determine what it was exactly.
Am I the only one who wonders if there was a DG scan?
The PET scan was in one of those mobile units that only came to my hospital every Saturday. The semi trailor was connected to the back of the hospital and I was had to fast four hours before the test. In this case, I woke up that morning to the phone ringing and they were going to reschedule my test – move me up three hours. So I was not allowed breakfast. My fasting was going on 16 hours.
The test went well and pretty quickly. Even nicer was the fact that I could wear all my clothes and didn’t worry about metal. They shot me full of a radioactive dye, I waited 30 minutes and then the test started. 25 minutes later it was over. I certainly hoped my husband was waiting with a Big Mac. I was ready to chew my arm off.
I sat up from the test and received my home going instructions. Was I going near an airport? By a federal building? Riding public transportation or through a tunnel? This is Canton right? Point me to the closest tunnel – two hours away in Wheeling. I must have looked puzzled because the assistant handed me a paper that explained to the authorities that I was radioactive. So radioactive that I would set off the bomb detectors!
I said that the airport, federal building or bus was not a problem. Could I still go to the grocery store for milk? Nope. Stay in the car and send in my husband. There goes dinner out. I was also not around my children. No hugs or kisses for 12 hours. No tucking into bed or how was the test? I could only wave from the other side of the room. I stayed upstairs the whole night. I think my husband was worried that he shouldn’t sleep in the same room. I told him he didn’t have a choice.
My only worry was for the septic system. The next day would it glow in the dark? Would they see it from space? Could this cause problems for NASA?My husband was worried for my safety. If Osama bin Laden captured me, could he make me into a bomb?

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