Thursday, March 29, 2007

Only another Mother

Only another mother would understand. That is what I keep telling myself. Frankly, I am ready to commit hari-kari if I watch another episode of SpongeBob. Let me go back a bit and explain.
On Saturday when I returned from New York, I came into a house full of the stomach flu. My poor husband had been up all night with poor son. My daughter was avoiding everyone so she wouldn't get sick before her big class trip to Washington DC. My other daughter was having a small breakdown over a large project due in a few days. I was tempted to turn around and drive back to New York. Welcome home Mom.
Actually, I did feel welcomed. The house was spotless. A real feat considering all of the problems of the day. There was a large sign across the hallway. And lots of hugs and kisses. A very good welcome indeed.
So it is many days later and I am still nursing my son back from the stomach flu. We are watching many cartoons and drinking at each commercial. Thank you Lord for suppositories (you know what I mean Moms.) There is an upside with all of this. He is so cuddly and wanting to be held. It is good to be home!

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