Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from NYC

I just returned from NYC with good and bad news. First, the good news is that there is no current evidence of disease. So I am dancing with NED (no evidence of disease!)

The bad news is there are a few 'watch' areas on my lungs. They have not changed in size but there are more. They could be just normal blips that occur with allergies, surgeries, chemotherapy and daily living in the midwest. So I am hopeful and am going to believe that those watch areas are just that - occurance from daily living in the midwest.

There is additional news that could be interpreted as either good or bad. My survival prognosis has not changed. I am still looking at a high percentage of reoccurance and an average survival of five years. I am choosing to look at it differently -- I have survived three major surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. I have beat the odds to date. Hot Damn!

Overall, it was a beautiful two days to visit NYC. They sky was blue and temperature perfect. Not a bad trip at all!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ann,
I got to your blog from your autism travel blog. I'm glad to hear you are beating the odds! Best wishes to you!

Victoria Berrey
a reader in CA

Anonymous said...

HOT DAMN INDEED.. Keep going friend.. You know where we are if you need anything..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage to be so open about your feelings and life as a cancer fighter/survivor. Your blogs express the feelings that many others cannot share. Hope, despair, wonder, awe, love, hate, pity, compassion and grace. Thank you for sharing. May your scans continue to be clear! As Rose said (I think): The battle is long but the spirit is strong.

Mike King
Weatherford, Texas

Nicole said...

Hi Ann,
Happy Thanksgiving week! We are thankful for your NED! We hope you have a beautiful turkey day with your family.