Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dancing in my Dreams

You know that commercial where the young man is walking on the sidewalk and his shadow is dancing. I have the same day dream. Except in my day dream, I am spinning, arms open wide, in a field of daisies under a bright blue sky. So what if in my heart I'm a flower child.

Tomorrow I have decided to indulge a dream. I have been dreaming of travel. Buying a camper and driving the country. Stopping for long periods and really exploring. Spending time with family -- building memories.

Fridays is my day with my son. We spend the whole day together. So I am going to go camper shopping. Granted we are no position to buy a camper right now. But I want to continue my fantasy. I think it is important to have that fantasy. Believe in that dream.

It's worth a half tank of gas.

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Anonymous said...

Ann, Follow those dreams every small or big one. You are worth it. Enjoy them as you follow them because you never know what you'll find along the way while making them come true. Thinking of you all. Sheila E